When we say yes to the dress, it is one of the most exciting days of our lives! We give the bridal shop our measurements, pay our deposit and off we go to pop the champagne with our bride squad to celebrate.
Many of us choose our dress months, even a year, in advance to ensure there is plenty of time to alter the gown to perfection. However, this time period also unfortunately leaves us obsessing over our gown and letting pesky doubts arise, dress doubts start to creep in.  
Before you start regretting your style and wanting to cancel your dress order, take a look at our tips to get over the dress doubts.

Stop looking at other dresses

With wedding planning, we are constantly looking at wedding magazines, Pinterest boards and wedding inspo on Instagram. However, seeing new collections and other dresses may make you regret or second-guess your choice of dress. Instead, gloss over dress features and focus on the next step in your wedding-planning journey.


Stop looking back at the photos

Don’t look back at the photos which your family or friends took of you in the shop wearing the dress. When you chose your dress you didn’t have your full bridal look complete (no tan, no professional make-up or hair done and no accessories). So don’t over analyse or keep referring back to those images.


Go back for another fitting

We will always offer brides the chance to come back in and try their dress of choice on again. Once you try the dress on again, you will remember that amazing feeling you had when you tried the dress on the first time. You will then realise you had nothing to worry about and fall even more in love with your choice of dress.


Accessories can work wonders

If you are second guessing your gown we can help with customisation and simple ways to amp up your look with a veil, cape or beaded belt. These simple additions can really help to transform your look and your dress. 


Don’t forget, we are always here for our Elody brides, so if you do have any dress doubts, get in contact with us to see how we can help banish these doubts!