This Mother's Day, we thank all the women who have inspired us and have made us who we are today. Take a look at one of our Real Brides, the beautiful Victoria, and what she had to say about the woman who helped her along the way. 
"My nan is my inspiration. She shows love and kindness to so many people in so many ways. She is my best friend who I would be lost without! If I am half the lady my nan is I will go a long way! 
I will never forget my nan's reaction when she seen my wedding dress for the first time, it confirmed I had made the perfect choice! Nan helped me with every appointment I had, from getting my headpiece made, to road tripping with me to Irvinestown to pick up the order of services.
I am so glad to have had her there to help me with these decisions and also for the craic we had along the way, plenty of laughs and memories were made!

"My nan was the biggest help for my wedding day!"

Nan went to the church the morning of the wedding to make sure my flowers were perfect and when I received a call from her mobile to talk about the arch, I knew it must be spectacular due to the fact she had figured out how to work her mobile just to ring and tell me! 
One of my biggest moments of the day was my nan giving me away. It was just such a special moment and to see the pride on her face I was overwhelmed with emotion. 

 Dear Future Brides...

There may be things along the way that don't go to plan, but as long as your day is filled with your loved ones and close friends, they will make your wedding as they really want to celebrate with you! Take a moment on the day for just you and the groom, we were really glad of that!
And one last thing... when sitting at the top table, just stop and take a good look around the room at the perfect day you planned. You are married, take it all in and celebrate!" 
Love Victoria x
The gorgeous Victoria wore our Odelia gown from Enzoani with matching cape.
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