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The Valentine's Bride

February 14th, officially the most romantic day of the year filled with heart shaped chocolates, bouquets of flowers and love. Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate your dream wedding with your nearest and dearest. Not to mention you'll never have to worry about your other half forgetting your anniversary! 

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Adapt Your Wedding Dress To Suit The Season

For many brides, finding the perfect dress for your dream day is the most important part! What happens when the date of your wedding has had to be postponed and you now have a winter style dress for a summer wedding? We have the best top tips and tricks in how to alter your wedding dress to suit any season. 

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Winter Wonderland Weddings

2020 has truly been the year for quirky and inventive weddings as people have had to get creative amidst the uncertainty. We have seen back garden ceremonies, drive in weddings and even virtual vows being shared over Zoom. From snowy wedding pictures to festive party favours, we have all the inspiration you need to make your Winter Wedding a fairy-tale come true!

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I Do... Take Two

Elody Bride is offering brides the chance to customise their wedding dresses and add an individual touch for the second day look.  Whether couples have opted to hold a second day due to Covid-19 restrictions, have eloped together and want to celebrate with family on another day or simply want a second day of wedding celebrations, many brides debate whether they want to wear their dress for the second day. Especially if it has been photographed so many times already.  However, with wedding’s as expensive as they are, it no longer feels practical to spend a significant amount of money on something you only plan to wear once, for a handful of hours, especially as you have invested money already...

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