With the arrival of Valentine’s Day, it’s got us thinking of what’s going to be big for all of our new brides. With the planning starting way before the wedding, it’s great to know what everyone else is loving. Here are some of the wedding trends we expect to see become big this year:

Vibrant colours

While pastels may still be in, vibrant colours are being chosen to bring a bolder look. One of the biggest trends this year will be the choice of more vibrant colours so if you're a bride who loves a pop of colour 2024 is your year. From fiery reds to bright blues they will all be in this year.

Weekender weddings

Why just stick to one day when you can have two? The wedding weekender is becoming a growing trend. Whether this be the Ceremony on Friday and the Party on Saturday or having a wedding brunch the day after the wedding. Weddings are unlike any other party so deserve the right celebrations.

Floral or bow accent wedding dresses

We can expect to see floral or bow additions to many wedding dresses this year. A way to add a statement feature and draw attention to the dress. Giving a look of elegance this is likely to be a big trend in 2024.

Sustainable wedding decorations

Sustainability is a massive growing topic and one that is becoming more of a focus when people are planning their weddings. 

Some sustainable options to make your wedding more eco-friendly include:

  • Invitations printed on recycled paper
  • Real petal confetti
  • Renting décor/equipment where you can
  • Having an outdoor wedding
  • Reducing plastic use i.e. straws

Wedding veils

Veils are a classic touch to the wedding look and we will be seeing a grand comeback this year. Whether this be a long lace veil or a minimalist design they will be everywhere.

Digital guest books

To capture the most memories from the big day, people are opting for digital guest books. They offer a more immersive journey for the bride and groom through their guests' wishes. With guests leaving videos for the happy couple to relive their special day whenever they wish.