Facing further restrictions next week, we know how difficult it is to plan for your perfect day amid fears of cancellations and lockdowns. With restrictions limiting guests to 25 people, we are seeing a trend in Micro Weddings; a traditional wedding day with family, friends, food and flowers - just on a smaller scale. 
These weddings are intimate and personal and are even being preferred to having a larger event. Your wedding doesn't have to be stressful; you can spend more time with guests, stick to a budget, and you no longer have to worry about not inviting those distant relatives - the perfect excuse! 
Brides and grooms who have got married during lockdown have shared how personalised they were able to make their Wedding Day and how special it was to share it with those they love most. 
What a stressful time Jordan and David had as new restrictions were introduced the very week of their wedding. With the prospect of the wedding being cancelled for the second time, they instead had to cut their guest list massively in the space of 3 days. Wearing one of our Enzoani dresses, this stunning bride never stopped smiling the whole day! Proof that you don't need a huge scale wedding with hundreds of people to make it the Day of your Dreams. 
"I won't lie and say it wasn't the most stressful week of my life! Everything we had planned being changed again just three days before, all we wanted to do was get married! But we counted ourselves as one of the lucky couples that got their day and it made it so much more important to us. I think sometimes you can lose sight of what a wedding is about. You're more worried about your guests having the perfect day rather than yourself and the groom. Having it all stripped right back actually made it more intimate and special for us. We had 25 of our closest family and friends and it was the most relaxed and chilled out day. We loved every single minute of it and I don't think we could have had a better day even if it had all gone originally to plan!" 
~ Jordan Adamson ~
We may be limited to the amount of guests we can invite, but no one said anything about inviting our furry friends!
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Photography by Karen Grattan

Dresses by Elody Bride